Windows 10 and Surface 3 – Turn to the dark side

With all the buzz of the Windows 10 launch a few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to experience it for myself, rather than throw it on a virtual machine on my Mac I decided that I’d replace my iPad Mini and opt for a Surface 3 for my light commuting and travel needs, the idea of a full OS on tablet was a huge draw. I even got a twitter mention from the official Microsoft account.

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Microsoft Surface RT, where are the hands on previews?

So the Microsoft Surface is available to pre-order at last, but one thing really concerns me. Where are the previews/reviews before I place an order? The only ‘reviews’ have been made with a very limited ‘touch and feel’ session at the Microsoft launch event a few months ago.

Apple do this also, but with Apple’s iOS you know what you’re getting, an OS with a few years behind it. With Microsoft RT it’s a much bigger gamble as no one really knows if it’s amazing or meh or how well or poorly it will cope on the Surface hardware.

I do wonder how many will take a +£400 pre-order gamble? I think less than Microsoft hope.