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Heading towards the release of The little book of Nozbe – reviews are coming in!

I am just over a week away from releasing The little book of Nozbe and I’ve started to receive some feedback from a small number of Nozbe users who have access to a preview version. If you read any of my previous posts you would know I was a little worried about sharing it with […]

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Im a Nozbe winner!

Lets just say, I’m chuffed! Great way to start the weekend! The fact I actually have a weekend this week is a huge bonus too!


A post from GTD Wizard today – Nozbe, the best!

For me GTD has to work across many technologies. I have a number of devices that I use from week to week which has in the past caused problems; Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad are my chosen ‘personal’ devices and Windows PC & Android are the ‘Work’ devices I have been given to complete my daily tasks. Now with […]