Heading towards the release of The little book of Nozbe – reviews are coming in!

I am just over a week away from releasing The little book of Nozbe and I’ve started to receive some feedback from a small number of Nozbe users who have access to a preview version. If you read any of my previous posts you would know I was a little worried about sharing it with the world. I had so many doubts about the whole project as it got closer to completion!

Now some feedback has started to come in and I actually hold my breath as I open each one….

This was the latest.

It’s getting feedback like this that makes the long drawn out process seem totally worth it! I wrote The little book of Nozbe as it was a book I would have read myself, helping users get the most out of an important piece of software that many use to organise their entire life.

I have a small number of additions and error checking to do and It will be all ready for Monday, November 23rd. into the hands of paying people! I am sure all of my doubts haven’t gone just yet!

A post from GTD Wizard today – Nozbe, the best!

For me GTD has to work across many technologies. I have a number of devices that I use from week to week which has in the past caused problems;

Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad are my chosen ‘personal’ devices and Windows PC & Android are the ‘Work’ devices I have been given to complete my daily tasks.

Now with the release of some great desktop apps Nozbe has a solution for ALL of my apps.

  • Online – Yes – Web app
  • Offline – Yes – Mac and Windows Apps.
  • Mobile – Yes – iPhone, iPad and Android.

Some apps have offered this sort of coverage before but for me they didin’t fit in with my GTD workflow;

  • Wunderlist – Too simplistic for GTD workflows.
  • Producteev – Tagging is limited between ‘projects/workspaces’ + no iPad app
  • Toodledo – No consistence between the apps as they are all 3rd party.

Read the full article at – GTDWizard, Nozbe the best GTD solution.