How to keep 3 Grandchildren quiet? Easy…

1 Netbook and 2 iPads, a small price to pay for 15 minutes of peace when the Grandchildren visit! It does amaze me how comfortable they all are with technology, it is a worry when I see all the icons ‘giggling’ in delete app mode but as long as I remember to turn on the restrictions before they arrive I can relax a little more!

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We have a guest chef this evening!

Becky le Chef

It’s felt like a very long week, even though in reality it was only 3 days long! So Im very relieved to have a guest chef in the kitchen tonight cooking a Chinese Crispy Beef dish which smells wonderful! Thanks Becky! :)

Becky’s signature dish used to be an Asparagus Pasta dish, which is lovely. But mainly she likes to bake, but lets not mention the Chocolate Cardamon tart….

Im looking forward to this new dish, smells great!

Edit: Wow… it was rather good!!! :)

Quote of the day as I’m travelling!

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself ~ Rumi

A meagre offering today as I’m travelling to head office Burton-upon-Trent (The home of Marmite) today, with a stop over at my Mums on the way home, the last Christmas gifts eventually being delivered, YAY!

Christmas work schedule and on call support hampered a lot of Christmas plans but if you were to ask me ‘alright me duck?’

I’d still reply ‘Yam is’

A new addition to the family and my 2012 Post a day challenge

New year, new arrival

2012 has certainly started off on a very happy note with the addition of a 4th grandchild for my partner Louise, born 1-1-2012 at 07:05 she’s already home (baby and mum) and  settling in for her 1st night in her new world. She doesn’t have a name just yet, Amelia and Catherine are the 2 strongest candidates currently.

Post-a-day 2012 challenge

I’ve got a few blogs on the go and I’ve decided to have a go at this years post a day blogging challenge, I plan to blog at least once a day on at least one of my blogs, even if it’s just a photo if time is an issue.

Why? Because I think I’ll enjoy the challenge, nothing more!


Update – She’s called Holly!