Planetside Movies

PlanetSide was the finest experience of PC gaming I’ve ever had, it was years ahead of it’s time and so very underrated at the time. During the time I played it I created the following 3 video’s, for fun and to help promote the game as it seemed that PlanetSide was Everquest’s and Star Wars Galaxy poor relation!


22 Days

If you’ve never played PlanetSide I’d imagine this video would appear puerile! The idea was simple, bring Planetside into the real life scenario. It use’s lots of sound effects from within the game and my own amazing acting talents! It was made for Fans of the game from a fan of the game, what happens when a PlanetSide addict trys to leave the game…..


PlanetSide Guerilla advertising

When PlanetSide’s player numbers started to dwindle in 2005 a number of PlanetSide players became frustrated with SOE’s (Sony Online Entertainment) lack of advertising for the game. We knew just how special and unique the game was and decided to try and help the game we all loved and a PlanetSide Guerilla Marketing war was declared! With the help of some talented guys I created the video and we put together a new player pack, complete with 7 day trial and all the downloads needed to play the game. Then the PlanetSide community spammed loads (and I mean LOADS) of message boards with the details. I like to think we did make a difference even if it was just a small one!


War for Auraxis

This was my attempt at a Machinima movie, using the game I loved so much! Again I enrolled the help of a few friends and few community members and created 7 minutes of fun!