Flipboard makes a difference to my blog stats!

For some reason my latest ProductiveWizard post has been appearing in some peoples Flipboard streams in a number of ways and my ProductiveWizard.com blog has seen a nice increase in views which is really cool!

It’s turning out to be a popular article, I will have to research how to get more articles onto Flipboard as it seems to be the way a lot of people are now reading blogs and websites. (Which isn’t a surprise to me as it’s the way I read them!)

Enjoy Epic Games free 20th Anniversary classic soundtrack download

Epic Games Logo

Epic Games have given gamers some really great video games over the last 20 years, my personal favorites being Unreal (and Unreal Tournament) and Gears of War. Both of which really pushed boundaries when released.

These days Epic is also know as a middleware supplier with licencing the Unreal Engine technology to some of the biggest game studios like BioWare (Mass Effect)

To celebrate it’s 20th year in existance Epic have released 20 of it’s finest musical tracks from it’s past, some I recognised within a few bars, others are new to me. All are good though!

Epic Games 20th anniversary soundtrack.

  1. Unreleased Theme Unreal Tournament 3 Rom Di Prisco (2007)
  2. Dan Jill of the Jungle Dan Froelich (1992)
  3. Main Theme Unreal Alexander Brandon/Michiel Van der Boss (1998)
  4. Armored Prayer Gears of War 2 Steve Jablonsky (2008)
  5. Vault of Tears Infinity Blade II Josh Aker (2011)
  6. Space Epic Pinball Robert Allen (1993)
  7. Main Menu Unreal Tournament Alexander Brandon (1999)
  8. Menu Song Jazz Jackrabbit Robert Allen (1994)
  9. They’ll Be Coming For You Now Infinity Blade Josh Aker (2010)
  10. Hope Runs Deep Gears of War 2 Steve Jablonsky (2008)
  11. Main Theme Tyrian Alexander Brandon (1995)
  12. Hyperblast Redux Unreal Tournament 2004 Kevin Riepl (2004)
  13. Hanover’s Favorite Son Gears of War 3 Steve Jablonsky (2011)
  14. Main Theme Shadow Complex Josh Aker (2009)
  15. 14 Years After E-Day Gears of War Kevin Riepl (2006)
  16. Lockdown Unreal Tournament 3 Jesper Kyd (2007)
  17. Theme Bulletstorm Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz/Michal Cielecki (2011)
  18. Pull Back the Bass Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Alexander Brandon (1998)
  19. Transistor Unreal Championship 2 Kevin Riepl (2005)
  20. Finally A Tomorrow Gears of War 3 Steve Jablosnky (2011)

So grab yourself the downloads from the Epic Website.

Read it Later changes to pocket, and it’s even better!

One of my most used iPad/iPhone apps has been given a really great makeover, Read it Later has now changed to pocket.com.

What was Read it Later?

Read it Later/pocket allows you to save webpages you come across when surfing on your PC/Twitter/Zite/Flipboard and save it for offline reading, I find an interesting article and I hit the Read it Later button built into a lot of apps and it’s saved. I then sync up iPhone/iPad with the service by launching the app and all the articles I’ve bookmarked are downloaded fast and formated for the device Im using.

So, I’m on the train, have ten minutes to spare and I whip out my iPhone and read the article I bookmarked and synced before I left for work, not needing a 3G or WiFi signal…. simply genius on a train!

So, pocket?

The new service gives a much improved interface on the web app (Where you can manage your articles) and the mobile apps. It’s really nice to use. Everything else seems to work as well as it did before.

Oh and it’s free!

Pocket is a free download for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and your browser. All are available from this link pocket Sign up for a pocket account and make the best use of the idle minutes you have during the day!


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I’ve set myself a programming challenge!

I’ve set myself a challenge to ensure my (minimal) programming skills are not totally forgotten. I’m planning on converting my breathe and chill website into a full-fledged iPhone app and possibly into an Android app also depending on how the iPhone development goes. I’m not sure how yet, but like a mental jigsaw I’m starting to plan it out piece by piece…. this to me is Quality Relax Time! What a geek I am!


breatheandchill web app launch