Teller reveals some of his Magic secrets

I’ve always loved magic, it always surprised me how much being a magician when I was younger helped me pull the ladies…. (Ok, I made that up!) I loved watching Paul Daniels Magic Show on a Saturday night, but over the years magic that I watched became very formulated and samey. Or I just got older??

David Copperfiled Flying

Perception Teller 3

The exception for me years ago was David Copperfield, huge spectacular illusions that always left me wondering how it the buggery did he do that, his levitation illusion was one of my favourites. He flies around the stage and audience with ease, then floats into perspex box and the lid is dropped on and he then walks on the roof upside down as someone else walks across the top, footstep for footstep… very clever and nowhere to be found on YouTube anymore! :(


Which brings me to a great article by Teller (From Penn & Teller), a more modern day magician who has revealed some of the ways magicians manipulate the human mind to alter perceptions to create some great illusions. It’s a great article without being a ‘show and tell’ of magic tricks, but it does reveal some of the principles in creating some great magic tricks.

Smithsonian – Teller reveals his secrets.





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New series – Grimm starts tomorrow

If I were to list some of my favorite TV programs ove the past few years Im dissapointed to admit that they are mainly American.

Fringe, Lie to Me, Lost, Heroes, Mentalist, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly and comedy’s  Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, New Girl… the list does go on!

So there’s a new franchise starting tomorrow night that has perked my interest Grimm. Another supernatural drama that I hope I’ll enjoy as all the much as all the other US TV things I like!

It’s on Watch channel Monday night at 21:00 if your interested.

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