Working a nightshift, 20 things I wish I knew before I started!

Not being accustomed to working nights before this week, here are some thing’s I’ve learnt during the first 4 x 12 hour nights I’ve just had to do!

  • It’s  a lot harder than I thought!
  • Don’t expect to be more productive even though it’s ‘quieter’
  • React to email requests from the day team as soon as your on shift, you won’t feel like it later!
  • Try to attack a task at the start of the shift, it makes the 1st few hours fly by if your attention is consumed by something.
  • Walk… I do a number of loops around the building just to get the blood moving a few times during the night. Not been stopped by security yet!
  • I tried a 30min snooze around lunchtime (2am) but Im not sure how beneficial it was?
  • 5am is really crap – Your exhausted, have a headache, have 3 hours left and BBC breakfast news hasn’t stated yet. (BBC breakfast TV makes me feel that it’s almost time to head home!)
  • Bring a jumper, it gets cool around 3am.
  • Buy elasticated trousers…. I’ve ended up eating lots and it’s not all been good foods.
  • Optrex – buy some to freshen your eyes in the early hours. It’s lush.
  • Bring a book, newspaper or magazine. Get your eyes off your Laptop/Desktop screens every so often.
  • Eat before you get home, on your journey home if possible.
  • Set an alarm on the train journey home, it WILL happen!
  • Go straight to bed when you get home. You will accumulate lots of sleep debt hours over the 4 shifts, don’t plan any tasks for home. It really is a Bed-Journey-Office-Journey-Bed cycle with 12 hours on – 12 off. An extra hour asleep can make the night a lot easier.
  • Invest in thick bedroom curtains.
  • Don’t order things online to be delivered whilst your off shift. You’ll want to punch the postman when he rings the bell, which is a shame as he’s a decent chap. (Every sodding day this week!)
  • Turn off your phone email when at home, if your phone needs to be on for emergencies fine. But emails are not urgent, silence them.
  • If you do wake in the afternoon try to get back to sleep! Honest I tried the ‘Well Im awake I’ll go do something for a few hours’ and promptly crashed the next night, but I did watch a good program about Rallying in the 80’s.
  • Enjoy the spaced out feeling once the shift is over as you walk to the bus or station, I feel like I’m floating… who needs drugs! There’s also something nice about walking against the flow of people streaming into London. Hope I don’t’ look that miserable each morning!
  • Think… Don’t volunteer yourself quite so quickly for dumb shifts again! ;o)

Great Lego Euro’s moments and low expectations…

The expectancy is growing, England in another major football tournament. Every 2 years, either the Euro’s or the World Cup everyone seems to build up hope that England could go far or even perhaps win it…. but not this year? With the new manager only having 2 games to see his team play and to put his idea across, the loss of key players to injury and suspension, England fans are decidedly quiet.

I live in hope that I will one day see England raise a trophy, maybe without the expectation it could be this year…. apart from im placing expectation on them!

As a nice build up to the open games on Friday here’s a collection of Euro highlights from days gone past, Lego style. Very nicely made and I can remember them all!!