Family Holidays

Packing, what does the weather hold?

Off on holiday for a week tomorrow and I’m looking at an empty case and wishing I had a crystal ball to predict the English weather for the next 7 days! Blogging may prove problematic…. there’s next to no mobile coverage where were staying, but Im not going to let that stop me I hope!

Family funny

Cute banana photo of the day

You have Twitter to thank for this lovely photo I stumbled across today as slipped (Banana’s… get it?) in and out of¬†consciousness on the sofa this afternoon, following a rather long day and night at at work! Sums up my need for a night in of sleep and hugs very well indeed! (Im not looking […]

Family Thoughtful

Winchester and a book on Minimalism

Buying a book on Minimalism? Ironic or what? Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life [Kindle Edition] Ive been thinking of buying a book on minimalism for a few months and this one came recommended but was a little expensive when it was originally released. However it’s now dropped in price to ¬£5.22 for the Kindle version […]


How to keep 3 Grandchildren quiet? Easy…

1 Netbook and 2 iPads, a small price to pay for 15 minutes of peace when the Grandchildren visit! It does amaze me how comfortable they all are with technology, it is a worry when I see all the icons ‘giggling’ in delete app mode but as long as I remember to turn on the […]