Amazing video made from stock images

Patient research work involving more than 5 thousand photographs resulted in a 1 minute film that AlmapBBDO created to advertise Getty Images, the world leading image database for creating and distributing visual contents. The film is surprising when showing 873 images in 15 images per second, sufficient speed to transform the series into a video that, without any text, tells a beautiful story. All photos, without any exceptions, are from the Getty Images archives.

I found a new desktop wallpaper in B&Q!

It’s been a while since I shopped for paint, so when I came across the paint swatches above in B&Q I just had to take a photo. To me it looked almost like a work of art… so out with the iPhone, a quick snap (ignoring a few puzzled looks!) add a few effects in Snapseed and I had a nice background for my devices, it looks great on my iMac!


What a Journey, best Video Game of the year!

It’s been a while since a video game has engaged me fully, a game that draws me into a state where I start to care about my avatar, Journey did this to me today. It’s simple, it’s joyous, it’s gut wrenching, it’s pretty special on all levels. Video game art.

There are no instructions, your character appears in a desert with mountain far into the distance…. and you walk… you soon gather some limited power-ups that enable you to fly short distances and the ability to ‘sing’ to enchant what looks like pieces of material that are scattered around the world.

Short, but oh so sweet.

I actually completed it in one sitting in a few hours, I can’t say for sure as I was lost in the game, and when I look back it seems like mere minutes! My words will never do this game justice, it played with my senses and my emotions, causing me to ‘feel’ sad and angry in one section and to beam like a child with a new toy in others. I’m already looking forward to re-starting a new journey!

You are not alone.

You eventually meet other players in the game, you don’t know who they are, they can’t harm you or annoy you… but you can ‘sing’ to each other to boost your flying powers… it’s really clever, you just want to help others without thinking about it. There’s no way to know who you’re playing with until the end credits where your told who joined you on your journey.

Bafta Musical award goes to…

Seriously, if this game does not win an award for best musical score in a Video game… I’ll be upset! It’s now available on iTunes and is well worth £7.99.

If you have a PS3 and your bored of the same recycled gameplay that your fed every month give Journey a play. £9.99 for a few hours entertainment may seem a little expensive but I promise you it will be worth it.

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Thrilled that I’ve sold my first art work!

A few weeks ago you may remember that I entered one of my iPhone photographs into an art exhibition in the USA?

Much to my delight my work was displayed, and even more humbling, it SOLD! :)

New Hope for Kids Charity

The Event/Gallery was raising money for New Hope for Kids and I’m thrilled that someone thought my photo was good enough to spend some cash on, and that the cash went to a good cause! I deliberately chose a picture that might cause viewers to look at it twice at it in an attempt to understand what it was.

I’m actually surprised after looking at the other entries that a lot more didn’t sell, some are of a very high quality, especially when you consider all entries had to be taken and edited on a camera phone.

Entry 269 SOLD

So please excuse me while I bask in my new-found fame of being a published and sold artist! Now, how I can push on from this? Could I actually sell another picture? Maybe there’s more to my photography than just a hobby? One can dream…. :)

My selling entry – Alien Bubbles  

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