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Cool and Free places to visit in London #NozbeHOW

London can be an expensive city to visit, but there are many places you can explore that will not cost you anything. This personal list contains Markets, Museums, Galleries and some more random places all within London you can see without spending any money.

The list can be accessed from the new #NozbeHOW free service, you don’t need a Nozbe account, just click this link to get going!

There are few London locations that will not find on ‘top 10 places to visit in London’ lists you may have seen before. This is a personal list, from someone who’s enjoyed London for many years!

My personal favourites include having a cheap breakfast in a 1940’s cafe used in TV and Films, exploring the Shad Thames area around Tower Bridge. Walking under the Thames river using an old foot tunnel…..

…to emerge in Greenwich, where you can climb observatory hill for some great views of the City of London.

Each listing contains a small description of the place of interest, a nice photo and a google Map link to direct you straight there.

Hope you find it of use! If you have any suggestions that I should add, please leave me a comment.

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