1st impressions of my MacBook Retina

My Mac laptop journey has taken in an 11 inch MacBook Air, 13 inch MacBook Air, 13 inch MacBook Pro Retina and now the new MacBook.

My taste in Laptops has always been light and portable, a large laptop makes no sense for me personally. My original 11” Air was my 1st Apple laptop and I really found it great to use, eventually the reality of the small screen (and my fading eyesight) lead me to the 13” Air which was much easier on my eyes! Then the MacBook Pro went Retina and I loved the screen when I saw it in an Apple Store, after a lot of soul searching I got a MacBook Pro in 2014. Whilst a little heavier and bulkier than the 13” Air it was a tradeoff I was willing to make.

Now the MacBook Pro is for sale and I’m now typing this on a MacBook Retina. This is the Apple machine I’ve been waiting for. A display larger than 11” and Retina, a small portable form factor thats crazy light, fan-less design and bags of battery.

Of course there has to be some tradeoffs with my biggest worry being the low power Intel M processor (I’ve got the base 1.1Ghz version) After a couple of days I haven’t noticed any difference from my MacBook Pro. This can be attributed to the tasks I use my laptops for, mainly writing (Pages and iBook Author), browsing the web, email, light photo manipulation and listening to music. It’s only now I realise how overpowered my i5 2.6Ghz MacBook Pro actually was for my needs.

The new MacBook gave rise to the hashtag #techlust when it was revealed during the Apple keynote and whilst being a little hyperbole It is a lovely machine. There were some concerns from early reviewers, only 1 USB ‘c’ port for charging and anything else, a radically designed keyboard and the low power processor.

The Processor seems just as fast as any of the other laptops I’ve owned (and a lot faster than any Windows Laptops I have to use at work!)

1 x USB C port, when I looked at my outgoing MacBook pro I took a look around the device for any scratches and realised that the USB ports were 100% scratch free as they had such light usage. I have no concerns about the lack of ports in the MacBook as I just don’t use them often. My photos are 95% taken on my iPhone, Printing is wireless and my scanner is attached to my iMac.

The keyboard had me worried at 1st, it is very different from anything I’ve tried before. The keys are bigger than Im used to and the very small travel did feel alien when I demoed a machine in store. After a few days I’ve really started to enjoy the keyboard, it still feels a little strange but within a few more days Im sure I will no longer even think about the keyboard, unless when I head onto my iMac or Windows Laptop and realise how loose the keys feel!

Yes, purchasers’ bias would be the easiest way to explain my thoughts on my new MacBook. But I wouldn’t recommend this laptop to everyone, it is a travel companion for users with primary Mac of some kind. Yes it could be your primary PC but it wouldn’t be without a number of headaches.