All in on Apple again

I’m all in on Apple tech products once more! The last part of the puzzle arrived this week, an iPhone 6 Plus or as I describe the purchasing theory behind it ‘Would you like to supersize your phone sir?’

So now my personal goto tech is all Apple the only thing left is a Pebble watch. If only Apple would bring out a smartwatch some time soon….

Initial thoughts on the iPhone 6 Plus, it’s definatly a 2 handed device but that’s fine with me. I’ve been using large Android devices for the past few years, Galaxy Note 2, HTC One, Samsung S3 etc. So it’s not as shocking for me, what I do find shocking is picking up an iPhone 5 or less now… they are tiny!

The iPhone 6 has most of the best bits of the Android devices I’ve owned now wrapped in a nice Apple shell. I can see why it sold 10m on the 1st weekend.

The main thing I like (as well as the large screen) is having a great camera again, it’s been a while since I whipped out my phone to grab some photo’s as I was always a little frustrated with the results and the way the camera works in Android. Initial thoughts are very positive, it seems a huge step up from any camera phone I’ve used.


So hopefully I will be capturing a lot more photos than I have been in the past months when I am wandering around.