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My iMac upgrade, the intelligent way by

Over the year’s I’ve built, upgraded and repaired a number of PC’s, It was fun and helped reduce the cost of owning a PC. I also enjoyed learning how a PC works and…. how to break them!

Now years later my desk PC is an 27″ 2009 i7 Apple iMac and it was starting to feel a little too sluggish compared to my other devices…. The i7 Processor is plenty fast enough for my workflow and I’d already upgraded the RAM to 8GB, so I decided to go for a bigger upgrade.

Owning an iMac does mean you will face some issues when you want to perform any sort of hardware upgrade, some are easy (RAM upgrade to 8GB was easier than a PC Ram upgrade), some next too impossible (CPU or GFX card upgrade) and some are hard but achievable. (SSD or Hard drive upgrade)

imac-screen-repairAs I had already upgraded my iMac to 8GB of RAM a few months after I purchased it back in 2009, I decided that I’d like to swap my spinning 1TB HDD to a SSD.  I researched a number of SSD upgrade kits that included all the tools needed to complete the job, but when it involves suction cups to remove the glass….. (Yes glass scares me!!) I started to get cold feet!!

It was time to engage a professional, enter

I’d used @MacFixer (Darren to give him a real name!) services a few times before for some iPhone repairs and been really pleased with the results and turnaround, so after a few exchanges of messages to make sure my iMac was compatible he advised that he had a 256GB SSD in stock but would need to order an SSD caddy that would sit in place of the DVD ROM drive inside my iMac (who uses DVD’s these days?) and it should be delivered within a day or 2. Within 48hrs he’d let me know that all the parts were ready and he arranged for to collect my iMac at 09:30 Saturday morning as I had fun day in London planned and a 10:30 train to catch!

09:30 Saturday came and Darren was at the door. Not 09:31 but 09:30, I’m sure he must have been waiting outside! A few minutes later my iMac was out of the door and I was off to London to meet friends. (Had a grand time, thanks for asking!)

On Sunday I had a message from @MacFixer that the iMac upgrade was completed ahead of schedule and If I’d like it back early? Of course I did! Darren arrived with iMac at the agreed time once more and handed me my safely packaged iMac and a DVD-ROM in an empty SSD box. He also let me know that he’d installed Mountain Lion in preparation for me on the new SSD. I’d backed up my current boot HDD and wiped it as I wanted a fresh start, It wasn’t really needed, Darren would have saved my data and transferred some settings If needed but I wanted a fresh start! He gave me a few tips about how best to set up an iMac SSD, including copying my Home Directory to my HDD, ie taking it off the SSD to save space which was really useful!

My ageing iMac now purrrrrs, the SSD makes a HUGE difference. For a fraction of the price of a new iMac I’ve got an iMac that feels like brand new!

Regarding the upgrade itself, yes  you (or I) could attempt the upgrade yourself, but using a professional like @MacFixer makes a huge amount of sense. A bit like servicing a Porsche, you leave it to the professionals for the peace of mind and knowledge it’s going to be done right.

If you have an Apple issue I whole heartedly recommend  for any Apple (iPhone/iMac) problems you may have! Really pleased with the service provided on all 3 occasions I’ve contacted him.

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