The best 2011 April Fools stories I came across today….

As today is the 1st of April, todays post was going to be about April’s Fool. But it’s not!!!

Ok it is! APRIL FOOLS!

The Tech blogs have filled there pages with April Fools, with Google being a great source of April Fools, my personal favourite being the 8 bit Google Maps… Genius!

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Offline YouTube?

YouTube also decided to release every single YouTube video on DVD..

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Branson’s off again!

Virgin got in on the act with Richard Branson’s latest quest… to the centre of a Volcano!

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Love is in the Air

The newspapers also go in on the act; The blossoming romance of David Walliams and Simon Cowel appeared in the Sunday Mirror.

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Sony introduced their Tiny Ultrabook

Product Recall

Ikea decided to recall tools in the name of Health and Safety in Australia today!

Back to the 80’s

Hungry Hippos on the iPad! (I think this could work!!!)