What? Free Latte? Really?

Now there’s a surprise, my normal quiet Starbucks coffee shop is rammed! Most mornings I call in to grab a nice coffee to stroll to work with or stay in to write a blog post or 2, but today I had to queue to get in the door!

Never look a gift horse….

To launch Starbucks new ‘promise’ campaign ’We promise to make your coffee just the way you like it. Thats why we put your name on it. After all, it’s personal.’ they have been offering a tall Latte for anyone who wants one up to noon o’clock today.

You have to admire the British psychie in the love of a freebie. ‘Why is it free?’ ‘Whats the catch?’ ‘You mean I dont need to signup for a Starbucks card? Your just giving me a free coffee and 2 vouchers for 50% off?’ were some of the things I heard in the queue.

Personal? Not today its not!

So personal service? A conveyer belt of Latte’s being knocked out with a hastily writtern name on the cup. At least I made them smile when they asked my name and replied ‘Judy’ and they dutifully wrote it on my sticker for my mug of Latte. :)

I guess it will be back to normal tomorrow, without the freebie on offer! And rather than the free Latte, I’ll go back to my Filter!

Cheapskate Brits I salute you! :)

Funny Startbucks story

I’ve been coming to this particular branch of Starbucks for some time and recently after a solid 2 weeks of ordering a Grande Filter with hot milk I strolled into the store and was greeted by the barista with a big smile and asked ‘Hello, would you like your usual?’ Now, this gave me a nice feeling, I felt just that little bit more important than everyone else in the queue behind me… ‘I bet they don’t get asked if they want their usual.’ I said to myself (I think I said it to myself, however now I think of it I was given a little more room at the collection point….)

I shuffled around to the collection point…. smiling that I must be accepted at this drinking establishment, waited a few minutes and was proudly presented with a Grande Latte with a Vanilla shot…. WTF! Crest fallen I took the wrong drink in an attempt not to loose face and sat down to ‘eat’ my very sweet coffee!

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