Ouch…. (Thursday)

P1010530  Snapseed

I took this photo a few days ago, it’s on the slipway just outside our cottage. I’d like to walk down to it again and add the words ‘extremely’ or ‘very very VERY’ somewhere on the sign. if I could actually walk down to it!

You see, this morning Louise and I made a small packed lunch (Ham and Eggs in case you were wondering.) and Louise decided that as the tide was at it’s lowest this week it would be nice to stroll down onto the beach and explore.

The ever entrepped explorer (me) bold fully strolls past the sign, noticing the green weed a bit further down I wasn’t nearly cautious enough. Unknown to me the whole concrete slipway thats submerged a few hours early was as slippy as ice and I had the wonderful comedy moment of slipping up and straight flat down onto my back.

As I lay winded for a few seconds I heard Louise ask if was ok, her own brain noticing the free slippery weed and the fairly safe concrete ahead. Gasping for air I was unable to tell her to stop and she too crashed to the floor a few feet from me!

Anyway, Louise scrambled to the side shaken but not too injured (her hand and hip seem to be aching now a few hours later) After a few minutes of laughing into the floor as I lay there I realised that Id done some real damage to my back. Louise meanwhile gathered herself together enough to whip out her iPhone and capture the moment of me trying to look calm sitting on the slipway!

IMG 0997  Snapseed

Once I’d crawled to the side and got to me feet I was in a sea of pain, every step was difficult, we had to walk around the estuary beach as there was no way I would make it up the slipway!

Now a few hours later, I can sit and lie fairly comfortably but walking (Steps are a no no!) or any slight twisting is very painful, I’ve not got any bruising so can only imagine I’ve jarred my back. Im a little worried about what I will feel like tomorrow morning, especially with a 4 hour drive home!

If only we had filmed it, the £250 from ‘You’ve been framed’ might have help take the sting away a little more!