Why Facebook is good for Instagram and YOU!

I’ve read a lot of late about Instagram’s supposed ‘sell out’ to Facebook and have decided to add my 2 pennies to the debate.

Im very pleased for Instagram now that it’s been sold as I see that it’s future is much more secure due to this. Instagram has been a free product since launch, free to download, free to user and free from adverts. In fact it’s been free thanks only to Instagrams investors investing cash into the company at an alarming rate.

I know we all love something for nothing, but running Instagram costs!

Instagram spent $57,500,000 in 24 months

How long could this of continued we have no way of knowing, but you can be sure that eventually the owners would have looked at ways of monetizing Instagram through ads or subscriptions some how. In steps Facebook and offers their expertise.

Facebook will of course need to monetize Instagram in the future just as it needs to monetize Facebook itself somehow, hopefully in a tasteful way!

The one worry I did have was, Facebook would change Instagram in some way, maybe make it a Facebook only application, however they announced that it intends on keeping Instagram’s cross posting ability (Twitter/Flickr/Facebook and Instagram) intact, actually stating that it’s a fundamental part of Instagram. To me, Instagram’s heart is not about to be ripped out and stamped on by Facebook, it’s purchase of Instagram was one of the better options that would have faced Instagram in the coming months.

I don’t see what the negative reaction is for, I for one will continue to use Instagram as one of my tools for iPhone photography.

One last thing….

Oh and now Instagram is available on Android I can see what poor people eat and do as well as iPhone owners… That was a joke my friends, well it is from me at least, the guys below may not agree!


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$1bn for Instagram? Really?

I like Instagram, I have since it launched on the iPhone a few years ago. However I was surprised to read that Facebook have just paid $1bn… $1bn for a company that has never made any money!

Instagram never developed a financial model, it survived on investment from venture capitalists which now seems a brilliant idea as they just waited to be snapped up by Facebook.

But what will happen to Instagram now? Will it stay as a standalone app or will it be incorporated into the Facebook app sometime in the future? Will it lose the ability to post your pictures cross-platform, ie twitter or Flickr? No one knows yet, all I hope is that instagram continues to be an excellent little photography tool, that enables anyone to spice up their photo’s easily!


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Sorry about the duplicate Tweets and Facebook posts!

Sorry about the duplicate Tweets and Facebook posts!

In my every increasing ways to do fun things with my blog I just managed to flood lots (and I mean lots and lots!!) of Tweets and Facebook posts to all my friends and followers by accident.


I decided to try a great plugin called Instagrate to WordPress, which would publish a post whenever I took a new Instagram photo on my iPhone, nice an simple… well until I find out it has a few issues with my Publish to Facebook and Twitter plugins I also use. 70 duplicate posts later I think I’ve managed to delete them all, but I just wanted to apologise to everyone whose Twitter/Facebook feeds ended up with a load of my duplicate posts!

Sorry guys! I’ll try and get it working without spamming you all with duplicate posts!

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Added one of my photo’s to a gallery show

I’ve just uploaded one of more recent iPhone photo’s to depixtions.com for inclusion in camera phone gallery on the 13th March in Orlando Florida which is a shame as I would of loved to attend! I’ve looked at a few on the website and there’s some really original pieces of work there.

Earning some Kama

My photo will be printed and displayed in the gallery, then sold (Hopefully!) with all proceeds going to the New Hope For Kids charity.

Enter yourself.

If you use Instagram (or Camera+) on your iPhone you can submit your favorite photo also (1 day left though!) The photo has to be taken on a smart phone, in square format and only use your smartphone software to enhance the photo. Full details can be found on the depixtions website.

My entry.

I went for this recent photo and titled it ‘Alien Bubbles’ I hope it will stand out a little from the other entries and that it may even make people stop and have a good look at it as they  try and work out what it is. (It’s a paper weight!)

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Post processing digital photos? Should I stop?

I took a quick snapshot on the home with my iPhone using Instagram then edited the original with Snapseed.




Which do you prefer?


I like the dramatic lighting of the Snapseed (far right) version but wonder if it’s looks just a little (or a lot!) over processed?

Photography for me is about creating a statement and post processing is a good way to enhance a rather plain picture, but I do worry about relying on it a little too much at times. I vow to take a few more unprocessed pictures and see if I can create the same sort of statement with classic photographer skills!