Bluehost “your fired”

Another outage for all my websites has been the straw that broke the camels back! During the outage I had no communication from bluehost at all, I could see on twitter that the outage was affecting a few users but I really REALLY expected some sort of email from bluehost support explaining the outage and reassuring me that they were working on it.

You.may recall I did move a few months ago to a VPS solution, the only issue was the extra overheads in looking after a server it brought also. Rather than updating my blogs I was completing admin tasks on the server! So I cancelled and decided to put up with the rather sluggish performance of bluehost….

Then the outage happened, so I had a good look around the market, tried 123 hosting which was fast but the control panel was crippled a little (some of my blogs rely on cron jobs) so I cancelled within a few days and now I’m trialling

So far I’m very pleased, I’ve only migrated this blog so far but it seem a huge improvement in speed than bluehost, I can only hope it’s more reliable than bluehost!

I’ll migrate next I think, then…. Then it’s back to content!