My Lenovo N20p Chromebook mini review

Charlotte ChromebookFirst a little background, this is my 2nd Chromebook, my 1st was an Series 3 Samsung Chromebook (ARM based) that I brought out of curiosity about Chromebooks and over time I found the device to be a great bit of cheap tech. It was the device I had no worries about giving my young grand kids to play with when they visit and a fallback device at home.

Also, I have no problem with using Chrome OS so I knew what to expect with the Lenovo N20p OS wise, I actually find Chrome OS to be a breath of fresh air compared to Windows and OSX. I wanted to upgrade from the Samsung mainly for the advances in hardware as the Samsung Series 3’s main failing for me was is it’s speed.


Unboxing the N20p

P1030277From the off you realise that Lenovo hasn’t wasted any money on packaging! A plain brown Lenovo box, the Chromebook, a power cord, ac adapter and a folded piece of A3 instructions. Minimalistic or cheap? I will let you make up your own mind!


The Hardware.

P1030278My 1st impression was the the N20p felt heavy, 3.1lbs compared to my old Samsung (2.43lbs) and even heavier than my 13” Macbook Air (2.96lbs) For an 11” device it felt a little odd at first, however within a few minutes I didn’t really notice the extra weight when actually using the device on my lap. Continue reading “My Lenovo N20p Chromebook mini review”

My Chromebook experiment begins

After reading a number of pretty good reviews today I took delivery of a nice new Google Chromebook (Read the link If you’re not sure what a Chromebook is, it’s not a conventional laptop!) and this will be the 1st blog post from it.

Why have I bought a Chromebook when I already own an amazing Macbook Air? Who needs a 3rd PC? My main reasons were that I was intrigued by the idea of a £229 purely online laptop. I’m thinking of it as a way to reboot my workflow, experiment if you like, to see what I can learn as I find new ways at approaching things using the Google infrastructure only. I’m really looking forward to it as it’s already feels really new and very different! Also it will make a great ‘guest’ device for any visitors or small persons (kids) to use if needed.

First Impressions – Hardware.

It’s reassuringly heavier than I thought it was going to be. Not too heavy (just), but heavier than I expected for an 11” Laptop.

Continue reading “My Chromebook experiment begins”

The new Samsung Chromebook, why do I want one??

I’m writing this blog on the best laptop I’ve ever owned (My MacBook Air 13”) which does make me question my sanity! Google yesterday announced a new Samsung Chromebook laptop at the amazing price of £229 and for some unexpected reason I’m really interested in picking one up! I can even forgive Samsung for making it look like and 11″ Macbook Air!

Whats a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are basically a light weight Linux laptop that runs the Chrome browser and only the Chrome browser! It boots in 7 seconds to the browser and then you do all of your tasks in the cloud. There’s no onboard storage to speak off only 16GB for some essential things, your expected to rely on your internet connection to get things done.

Coming from Google it’s very Google centric (Mail,Calendar,Drive,Docs ect) which are all services I do rely on already.

Why would I want to buy one?

I really love the idea of lightweight computing, my Mac’s fan is currently whirling away as I write this (Running VPN software and downloading a torrent is causing the fan!) I think a Chromebook would be great for blogging. The new Samsung has no fan so I know it will be quiet! I’m also interested if I could survive being totally online, it would be fascinating to the inner geek in me! It would also make a great ‘guest’ pc for the Grandkids or Girlfriend to use when needed.

Ordered one then?

Well… not yet. With the Apple Keynote due next Tuesday I’m expecting the iPad Mini, my commuting nirvana gadget! So I’m holding off for a little while and hopefully pop to PC World to demo one before making my mind up!