Blogging goals 2012, a great start!


2012 challenge

At the start of the 2012 I set myself a goal to get +1000 visits a week on one of my other blogs, all through 2011 since I launched in July I was averaging around 50 – 120 visits a day, around 400 – 700 visits a week. +1000 visits was just a figure I pulled out of the air that seemed achievable and measurable, with some work.

So, I’ve been blogging regularly this year and had been watching the numbers grow a little each day, seeing a few extra twitter followers and email subscribers… and then yesterday BOOM, I had over 1000 visitors in 1 day! (1003 to be precise!) Not quite viral proportions I realise, but still a nice milestone for a fledgling blog like own!

I think this weeks visit figures will be handsome, but Im not going to relax on my laurels, I’ve found getting 1000 visits on one day easy, I still need to bring in +1000 visits per week consistently for the whole of January.

Why blog at all?

When blogging here at ‘The Life and Times of Marcus P’ its for therapy! No really, I do it to unwind a little. Currently Im on the train on the way home with my laptop on my lap and I’m able to loose myself in some writing for a while. (Writing or Meditation, 2 great things to do on a train!) My blog-a-day 2012 challenge is progressing nicely, no idea if anyone’s reading it! (I’ve hidden the stats as thats not why I blog here!)

When I blog at GTDWizard I do it as I have a passion for the subject matter, I love being productive, being in control of the things I need to do and I like finding ways to improve my productivity. So I like to share what I find with like minded souls.

Blogging for a business?

I earn a few £’s from my blogs from a  few ads and affiliate schemes, which comfortable pay all my internet hosting costs and my app purchases each year. Last year there was enough left over for small hotel break with my girlfriend, Im not looking to make money but Im not going to say no to a few free payouts! So, Blogging for a business? No, Im not going full time blogging anytime soon, but one can dream can’t one?

Bluehost “your fired”

Another outage for all my websites has been the straw that broke the camels back! During the outage I had no communication from bluehost at all, I could see on twitter that the outage was affecting a few users but I really REALLY expected some sort of email from bluehost support explaining the outage and reassuring me that they were working on it.

You.may recall I did move a few months ago to a VPS solution, the only issue was the extra overheads in looking after a server it brought also. Rather than updating my blogs I was completing admin tasks on the server! So I cancelled and decided to put up with the rather sluggish performance of bluehost….

Then the outage happened, so I had a good look around the market, tried 123 hosting which was fast but the control panel was crippled a little (some of my blogs rely on cron jobs) so I cancelled within a few days and now I’m trialling

So far I’m very pleased, I’ve only migrated this blog so far but it seem a huge improvement in speed than bluehost, I can only hope it’s more reliable than bluehost!

I’ll migrate next I think, then…. Then it’s back to content!

Outages and damned outages

Sigh, my BlueHost server is down, down hard by the look of things!

10/18/2011 01:52pm: A hardware upgrade is currently in progress. Updates may include (but are not limited to): memory, disk space, and processor. The duration of the update is approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

There was a rebuild earlier also, in total 6 hours and counting of either slow or no service, so currently all my websites are down currently (Except this one!)

There was an outage yesterday also and I decided to pull my sites to a more robust server, I managed to partially migrate this site before things went ‘tits up’ with everything. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull the old pictures off soon!

To top it all, Virgin media is slow at home, with some packet loss…

— ping statistics —
48 packets transmitted, 47 packets received, 2.1% packet loss

Think Im going to give in for now, read a book and listen to some music, oh piss… I stream using Spotify!!…. stupid internet. website launched

Just put the finishing touches to a new website I created for myself and thought i’d share it with the world to earn some extra karma points.

So what does it do?

It reduces your stress level and helps you find some calm in your busy life. Breathing is really important, not just for keeping you alive but for controlling the states your body and mind fall into. Breathe shallow and fast will make you feel very different than breathing slow measured breaths. The app does nothing more than guide your breathing for 60 seconds to help calm and relax you. Continue reading “ website launched”

New hosting move completed

After a short delay the first of my websites has been migrated to WebFusion VPS service. It took a little longer than I hoped due to issues setting up my account with WebFusion. Once they were resolved things have been a lot smoother.

Everything is a lot faster for me and Im looking at moving some other sites in the next few days, probably starting with tomorrow.
Onwards and Upwards!