Picture of the Day.

My very slow and ultimately very delayed train into work this morning presented this lovely building, the thought that Santa put’s his Elves into storage during the summer months made me smile to myself!

Also, my train home was even more delayed… bringing my commute for the day to +4 hours…. think I earned a the Guinness this evening.

Thrilled that I’ve sold my first art work!

A few weeks ago you may remember that I entered one of my iPhone photographs into an art exhibition in the USA?

Much to my delight my work was displayed, and even more humbling, it SOLD! :)

New Hope for Kids Charity

The Event/Gallery was raising money for New Hope for Kids and I’m thrilled that someone thought my photo was good enough to spend some cash on, and that the cash went to a good cause! I deliberately chose a picture that might cause viewers to look at it twice at it in an attempt to understand what it was.

I’m actually surprised after looking at the other entries that a lot more didn’t sell, some are of a very high quality, especially when you consider all entries had to be taken and edited on a camera phone.

Entry 269 SOLD

So please excuse me while I bask in my new-found fame of being a published and sold artist! Now, how I can push on from this? Could I actually sell another picture? Maybe there’s more to my photography than just a hobby? One can dream…. :)

My selling entry – Alien Bubbles


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How I tell that Spring is just around the corner? The Den gets used again!

Spring must be approaching! How do I know? Is it the longer days? Maybe the warmer climate? Nope…. 

Spring must be close as we’ve moved the summer sofa back into the conservatory or as my Sonos knows it… ‘The Den’. Its good to have it back in it’s rightful place, allowing me an extra room to meditate, read and blog and Louise to drown in soft furnishings!

Usually we have a small LCD TV in here also, hooked up to a Slingplayer device, but this year we’ve kept it peaceful with just the Sonos Play:5 speaker to help us relax. With my back still playing up do to my little slip last week (how will I cope on the train tomorrow???) It’s nice to stretch out on this sofa! It does seem to offer a nice balance between soft and firm that is good for my healing back. Also moved in here is my WiFi Kodak photo frame thats dialled into Flickr ‘Interesting’ photo feed, sending us some great photos from around the world, there really are some stunning photo’s that inspire me to take more photo’s every time I glance up.

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