AppStore rejection, but no hard feelings!

Back to the drawing board?

My little breathe and chill App has been rejected for inclusion into the Apple app store, which whilst a little disappointing is probably the right decision! The exact rejection reason given was a follows;

2.12: Apps that are not very useful, are simply web sites bundled as apps, or do not provide any lasting entertainment value may be rejected

As my app was a HTML5 website to start with, I have no complaints about them rejecting the app on these grounds, I should have read the small print better!

I’ve decided to pour some effort into making it into a better HTML5 web app, one that works properly in an offline (no 3G or WiFi) environment, something it doesn’t do now which was the main driver about releasing the app as a fully blown iPhone app.

So App Store approval process, no hard feelings, I have learnt some cool things playing around with xcode and actually producing an app that works (even if it’s only on my own dev iPhone!!) and I’m a slightly improved coder than I was 2 weeks ago! It was after all just a goal I’d set myself.

Fail? Yes and proud!

If You’ve Never Failed – You Haven’t Tried Hard Enough to Succeed.

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Read it Later changes to pocket, and it’s even better!

One of my most used iPad/iPhone apps has been given a really great makeover, Read it Later has now changed to

What was Read it Later?

Read it Later/pocket allows you to save webpages you come across when surfing on your PC/Twitter/Zite/Flipboard and save it for offline reading, I find an interesting article and I hit the Read it Later button built into a lot of apps and it’s saved. I then sync up iPhone/iPad with the service by launching the app and all the articles I’ve bookmarked are downloaded fast and formated for the device Im using.

So, I’m on the train, have ten minutes to spare and I whip out my iPhone and read the article I bookmarked and synced before I left for work, not needing a 3G or WiFi signal…. simply genius on a train!

So, pocket?

The new service gives a much improved interface on the web app (Where you can manage your articles) and the mobile apps. It’s really nice to use. Everything else seems to work as well as it did before.

Oh and it’s free!

Pocket is a free download for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and your browser. All are available from this link pocket Sign up for a pocket account and make the best use of the idle minutes you have during the day!


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My iOS app is waiting for review…

Lessons learnt today as I submitted an app using xcode for the 1st time… when creating an icon for you app, make it BIG! Real BIG! The 1st time!

When is an icon not an icon?

When it’s 512pixels big if you ask me! I’d compiled my app and went about uploading it to the Apple App store for review. Before I could upload it I found I had to create the iTunes App store page. I had to add a description, some screen shots and an large icon to appear on the page!

Hmmmm I had created 2 icons for the app itself (114px for Retina and 57px for standard iPhones) and guess what, I couldn’t scale it up to 512px’s, the quality was very poor! (Not surprisingly!)

Back to the drawing board.

It’s funny when your faced with this sort of adversity the 2nd time you complete your task you do it better! The 2nd version was created at 512px and scaled down for the other sizes  and I think it’s a lot nicer than my original effort!

So now, I wait….

Not sure how long the approval process will be, hopefully as it’s a simple app it should be approved within 7 days, but there’s no way of knowing really.

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Increase your free Dropbox capacity to 5GB

If you use 2 or more computers you really should use Dropbox! Dropbox if you didn’t know is a really simple file syncing application available on PC, Mac, Linux and Mobile devices, allowing access to any files you place in your Dropbox folder on any of your devices.

It’s a paid for service if you want to use over 2GB of storage, but i’ve always managed with the free 2GB for syncing important files that I like to access on all my devices.

Dropbox are currently beta testing a new photo sync feature and as an incentive you can increase your free Dropbox capacity to 5GB by uploading photo’s from your mobile.