GoodBye GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting

Well that didn’t last very long did it? I had high hopes for GoDaddy’s managed WordPress hosting as you can see from the earlier post but I hit a snag, even after a great start it was enough to make me want to change hosting again.

I originally moved my 2 blogs over without a hitch, the automatic migration tool is excellent. It worked really well, just put in a few account details and hit import…. a few hours later both sites were imported and setup on a temporary domain, change my DNS and It’s all up. Excellent.

Then I hit an issue, I use Blogo 2 to write my posts on my Mac, this seems incompatible with GoDaddy anti spam/hacking tools. Blogo poll’s your wordpress installation to download all of your posts and pages, this triggered the anti hacking measures which denied Blogo access to my blog. 

I decided to raise a support ticket with GoDaddy and was annoyed I couldn’t find an online support method. No Webpage contact, No chat, No email. The only option phone. That means wait times…. I much prefer emailing a support issue if it’s not urgent, then escalating to phone if it is urgent.

Whilst looking around my GoDaddy account settings I realised that my 2nd year renewal costs were going to be high than 1st thought. Anti hacking thresholds too low, no email support and higher than expected renewal costs made me decide to cancel the account within the 30 day free cancellation period. Cancellation was pain free (after the telephone wait!) and 100% of my initial purchase was returned.

After some research for a new host for my blogs I decide to give SiteGround Wordpress hosting a go, So far they have been superb. They assisted moving both blogs to their servers manually (Which was slow due to GoDaddy throttling the download speed of my sites!) They updated me at each step of the transfer by email of online chat.

Also their non discounted hosting plans are much more reasonable when I do renew.

Whilst it’s not a ‘managed’ solution it does have some features that assist with the management of your site. It’s also fast! So far my blog dashboards have never been so responsive. they use their own cache plugins that really make an improvement and make it a lot easier to manage!

If you are looking for quality hosting take a look at SiteGround.