WordPress to SquareSpace and back again!

It’s come to that time of year again where my webhosting needs to renewed. Over the past few years my needs have changed and I have rationionalized many of my blogs and websites to a very small number.

Due to this I decided to take a change of direciton and for my 2 main sites, MarcusPlatt.co.uk and Productive Wizard.com and decided to host them with SquareSpace to give me a break from Self hosting.

Self-Hosting can be time consuming.

Self hosted WordPress has always been a very good servent for my bloging needs over the years, however I was starting to worry about the security of my sites, I was happy to update the Themes/Plugins and Code whenever necesssary as it was only a few clicks (with fingers crossed the update I was applying wasn’t going to break anything) but I was still worried of any security holes I wasn’t aware of being found. Call me paranoid if you like! So I decided that this time I would look at a managed blogging platform. Some were a little too restrictive and basic others were crazy expensive!

Eventually I decided to give SquareSpace (7) a go. Moving my data across was simple and trouble free and I loved the way I could drag and drop screen elements and with a live preview, however when It came to actually blogging I didn’t enjoy the experience. I found it very long winded and slow to get to a blog entry, the web interface seemed slughish. The only offline app (where I do a majority of my blogging) is a very polished iPad app, handy in some situations but not all of the time, no way to use a 3rd part blogging app like Blogo.

Moving my Disqus commenting system was also causing me some headaches with the mapping and I eventually gave up all together and decided to try some other platform. (SquareSpace gave a prorata refund to both SquareSpace sites without question which was nice!)

I would use SquareSpace again (and have an idea to soon in the future) but not as a blogging platform.

GoDaddy WordPress hosting.

I have now moved my blogs to fairly new GoDaddy Managed WordPress for 12 months. GoDaddy reviews (and branding) are so polarising on the web (mostly all smothered in affiliate links) I could not accuratly form an opinion on the services they offfer, some raved, some screamed ‘avoid’. But I decided to take the plunge and sign up with their promise of

Blazing fast. Incredibly secure. Totally hassle-free.
You create your own WordPress site. We do the work with fully-managed hosting, setup and security.
99.9% uptime guarantee*


Sounds exactly like what I was looking for and at a great price…. lets see how much that price grows at renewal! My thoughts so far a very favourable, the transfer of my 2 WordPress blogs was very easy and smooth within an hour both blogs were copied to a temporary domain without any real interaction from me. A quick update to my DNS settings and a day later it’s done with minimal downtime.

The service itself seems faster than my previous host (HostGator), the WordPress dashboard loads a lot faster and some quick tests show the blogs load a lot faster also.

Early days, but I don’t see any downsides yet, a secure, fast WordPress platform I know well that allows me to use all of the apps I already use without some of the headaches of keeping it online.